PDF Catalogs


Bostech PDF Catalogs

Below you will find a full list of our Gas and Diesel Catalogs as well as Buyer's Guides for our most popular High Pressure Oil Pumps, EGR Coolers, and Turbochargers.  Each of these files can be viewed, printed, or downloaded at your convenience.

Gas Catalogs:

Bostech 2017 Gas Injector Catalog

Diesel Catalogs: 

Bostech 2017 Ford Diesel Catalog

Bostech 2017 GM Diesel Catalog

Bostech 2017 Dodge Diesel Catalog

Bostech 2017 Navistar Diesel Catalog

Buyer's Guides: 

Bostech High Pressure Oil Pump Guide

Bostech EGR Systems Guide

Bostech Turbochargers Guide

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