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​Equipment Guide: 14 Common Types of Construction Vehicles

Jun 20th 2024

Every construction worker should be familiar with the types of vehicles used on the job. Most companies and crews employ a variety of machines to excavate, haul and pave. These vehicles have powerful engines and hydraulically controlled features that require regular maintenance to do the j …

​How to Start a Car with a Bad Fuel Pump: Expert Tips & Advice

May 16th 2024

The fuel pump, also known as the fuel injector pump, plays a crucial role in your car’s operation. It sends fuel to the combustion chamber so the engine can start. However, excessive wear and tear can make it hard, if not dangerous, to start your car. Fuel pumps often deteriorate gradually …

​3 Best Vans for Van Life

Apr 10th 2024

RoMiEg/shutterstock Rising mortgage rates and inflation in the rental market are pushing more people to trade in their four walls and a roof for a life on the road. Van life, or living out of a van, has exploded in popularity since COVID-19. According to Yahoo Finance, the number of …

​Biodiesel vs. Diesel: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 3rd 2024

Scharfsinn/shutterstock Diesel is reducing its environmental impact thanks to biodiesel, a biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based fuel from crude oil. In 2022, U.S. combined biodiesel/renewable diesel production totaled around 3.1 billion gallons, according to the U.S. Economic …

​How Hot Can a Diesel Engine Get Before Damage?

Mar 27th 2024

Santi S/shutterstock Heat is necessary for internal combustion, but too much heat can also wreak havoc on your diesel engine. Extreme temperatures change the shape of crucial components, causing them to crack or rub against each other, increasing tension and structural damage. It als …

​The History of Diesel Engines: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 13th 2024

Sergey Kohl/ You might first be asking yourself, what is diesel? Diesel engines are the backbone of the trucking industry, linking homes, businesses and warehouses to the global supply chain. They also power boats, generators and highly efficient cars that get 50 mpg …