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​What is Turbo Lag? Understanding Turbo Lag and How to Avoid it.

Oct 18th 2021

When you push the throttle on a turbocharged engine, it may take a few seconds for the torque to kick in. This is what’s known as turbo lag. You should be able to rely on your turbo when you need to accelerate quickly. If the turbo lags, you will need more time to increase your speed. Th …

​What is an IPR Valve?

Oct 8th 2021

IPR stands for injection pressure regulator. The valve controls the pressure of the oil being circulated throughout the engine. Oil is crucial for lubrication, and the valve is here to make sure the oil gets where it needs to go by controlling the flow. The IPR valve is a crucial component …

​What Does a High Pressure Oil Pump Do?

Oct 5th 2021

A high pressure oil pump (HPOP) is a crucial part of the Powerstroke engine. Just like the name implies, it is a high pressure pump that sends oil to other parts of the engine, which provides lubrication. Older versions of the Powerstroke engine utilized what’s known as a HEUI system, whic …

​What Is an EGR Cooler? Your Guide to EGR Coolers

Sep 28th 2021

Most modern diesel engines use an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) emission control system to reduce nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions and improve fuel economy. However, the recirculation process can lead to overheating inside the combustion chamber. That’s why most heavy-duty diesel engines …

​What Is a NOx Sensor and What Does It Do?

Sep 16th 2021

Diesel engines are susceptible to nitrous oxide (NOx) pollution, which reduces the quality of the air we breathe. NOx pollution can damage vegetation growth and cause health issues, such as shortness of breath, eye irritation, headaches, reduced lung function and other respiratory issues. …