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​Diesel Fuel Additives: Improving Fuel Efficiency and Engine Life

Oct 26th 2023

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If you care about your diesel engine, you need to use diesel fuel additives to improve performance and efficiency. It’s also one of the most effective ways to prevent mechanical issues that lead to costly repairs. The fuel you put in the tank will spread carbon residue and soot throughout the fuel delivery system, clogging the various passageways moving to and from the combustion chamber. Less fuel leads to less power and more fuel consumption, wrecking your vehicle’s mpg rating. Using these products is a simple solution to an otherwise complicated problem. Learn why diesel fuel additives should be a part of your maintenance routine.

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What Are Diesel Fuel Additives?

Diesel fuel additives treat the fuel before or after you put it in the tank. The fluid adds cetane to the fuel to make it flow through the engine faster while increasing lubrication. They come as pills or in one-quart bottles and are sold at most auto parts stores and truck stops.

Specialized diesel fuel additives are designed to treat stale or cold fuel that could otherwise damage the engine. Anti-gel additives prevent the fuel from gelling or clumping together in low temperatures. Fuel begins to gel when it dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The clumping makes it harder for the engine to burn the fuel, prolonging start times and clogging parts. Diesel stabilizer treats fuel that has been sitting in the tank or storage for several weeks or more. Leaving fuel around exposes it to more degradation with changing temperatures. The particles will also separate, leading to unequal power distribution and more clogging.

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Why Should You Use Diesel Fuel Additives?

Every diesel owner should use these additives to avoid damaging the engine. Use diesel fuel additives to:

  • Save Money

You will lose money every time you don’t put additives in the tank. They help the engine make the most of every drop of fuel by ensuring it reaches the combustion chamber. The additives will pay for themselves in fuel savings alone by increasing efficiency.

You will save money on essential fluids, including oil and coolant. Poor-quality fuel forces the engine to burn through oil and coolant faster than it would otherwise, leading to less lubrication and overheating. Excess friction will cause the parts to crack, leaking fluids into the crankcase. Keep track of how much oil you use and shop for diesel coolant parts to keep the engine from melting down.

  • Prolong Engine Life

Additives keep the engine clean. They prevent soot and debris from sticking to the parts. Not using additives exposes various components to additional wear and tear. The residue will build until the part clogs. Any system that interacts with the fuel could be at risk, including the fuel filters, injectors and exhaust. Cutting off fuel is dangerous. The part must be replaced before the problem spreads to the rest of the engine. If the exhaust clogs, it could create a backstop, causing the engine to explode. Shop for replacement diesel exhaust system parts to keep the burned air flowing.

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  • Increase Start Times

If you drive in the winter, you know how frustrating starting the engine can be. Don’t let the cold set you back when you have somewhere to be. Anti-gel additives help the engine burn the fuel faster by preventing clumping and speeding up the flow.

When and How to Use Diesel Fuel Additives

The good news is that using additives is a cinch regardless of your experience level. It’s just as easy as refueling the tank. Grab a bottle and follow the instructions on the back. Take off the cap and pour the additives into your tank or storage container. A little goes a long way. One ounce is usually enough to treat 25 gallons of fuel.

Additive makers recommend using these products every time you refuel. If the temperature is over 30 degrees Fahrenheit, use regular cetane-boosting additives. If it’s colder than 30 degrees, use anti-gel additives.

What Are the Best Diesel Fuel Additives?

There are many additives to choose from, but some brands are well known for their excellent protective properties. Check what type your manufacturer recommends. Here are the best diesel fuel additives for most trucks:

  • Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme
  • Peak “Blue” Agri-Clean Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Peak “Blue” Agri-Clean Diesel Fuel Additive

Every diesel needs clean fuel to run. You will save thousands of dollars in repairs and unnecessary fuel costs when you use additives at the pump. Keep the right diesel maintenance products on hand to handle any situation that comes your way.