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Ford 6.7L PowerStroke Fuel Contamination Kit 2015-2016 (Bosch Reman) | Bostech DEK026716


Bostech's fuel system contamination kits has all the components necessary to replace your fuel system due to CP4 pump failure. CP4 pump failures can be caused by Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF contamination, water contamination or vehicle ran low on fuel (fuel contamination). Once the CP4 fails it is highly possible the contaminates have circulated through the whole fuel system which is why it is critical to replace to prevent further damage to replaced components.


  • 24-Month, Unlimited mileage warranty for material and/or workmanship defects
  • 100% OE or OE equivalent components
  • Kits contains all necessary components for fuel system repair

Kit Includes:

  • (1)  Reman OE Bosch CP4 Injection Pump OE# FC3Z-9A543-A
  • (1)  New OE Bosch Fuel Rail (Right Side) OE# BC3Z-9D280-A
  • (1)  New OE Bosch Fuel Rail (Left Side) w/ Rail Pressure Sensor & Fuel Pressure Regulator OE# BC3Z-9D280-B
  • (1) Fuel Line (HP Pump to Rails) OE# BC3Z-9E964-A
  • (4)  Reman OE Bosch Injectors (Cyl 1/2/7/8) with Hold Down Bolt and Line 
  • (4)  Reman OE Bosch Injectors (Cyl 3/4/5/6) with Hold Down Bolt and Line
  • (1)  Low Pressure Fuel Return Line O# BC3Z-9A564-B
  • (1)  Fuel Pressure Sensor  OE# FC3Z-9G756-A
  • (1)  Fuel Pipe OE# FC3Z-9A274-A
  • (1)  Fuel Pipe OE# FC3Z-9B337-B
  • (1)  High Pressure Fuel Pump Install Kit
Bostech / BT-Power's 24-Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Our warranty covers product replacement for material and/or workmanship defects up to 24-months from the product purchase date. Technical Support is available by contacting Bostech's Customer Service at 1-800-868-0057 or by emailing An RMA (Return Material Authorization) number given by Customer Service is required for all returns. You can view our Warranty Policy by clicking the "Help Center" at the bottom of the page and going to Policies & Procedures.