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Bostech Return Policy

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Bostech Auto’s Return Policy is a guideline for the return of merchandise and cores. This policy is in conjunction with Bostech Auto’s Warranty Policy and Bostech Auto’s Terms and Condition Policy. All policies are available in PDF form on, or contact your Sales Representative.

Product Identification:

Refer to Bostech Auto’s Product Identification.

New Returns:

Bostech Auto accepts new returns within 15 days of product purchase. Merchandise must be packaged and sealed as it was sold for consideration of credit. Any items returned as new that have been installed will not receive any credit.

Core Returns:

Bostech Auto is a remanufacturer of engine components; for our business to produce quality components we need quality cores. Cores that are broken, burnt, melted, rusted, or missing parts cannot be manufactured efficiently, therefore not accepted for core credit. Some examples of unacceptable cores are listed in the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Warranty Returns:

Warranty returns should be securely packaged and clearly marked with a warranty RMA number to process the return correctly. Products returned broken due to inadequate packaging will be denied warranty credit. Bostech Auto warrants products to be free from defects in material or workmanship according to Bostech Auto’s Warranty Policy. Bostech Auto does not warrant products that fail due to fuel and/or oil contamination, foreign object damage, fire or excessive heat damage, misuse, negligence, modification, abuse, or by improper application, installation or operation. Some examples of non- warranty items are listed in the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Note: Any questions on returns can be answered through or calling 800-868-0057 and speaking to our Customer Service team. 

Click Here for Full Return Policy PDF (Includes Photos of Unacceptable Cores/Non-Valid Warranties)

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